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Many electronic manufacturing services (EMS) organizations leverage industry associations to access forward-thinking insight, exclusive industry research and an expanded network of business relationships. One of the foremost associations for U.S. EMS providers is the Surface Mount Technology Association (SMTA). SMTA is a non-profit association for companies involved in all aspects of the electronics industry. Their organization provides extensive member education opportunities as well as access to a wealth of resources, which are mostly available exclusively to members.Their website, however, contains a handful of digital resources that are available for all. We’ve taken the liberty of highlighting research, presentations and industry reports pertaining to PCB design and assembly trends provided via SMTA’s Knowledge Base.


PCB Surface finishes

1. Electronic Surface Finish Overview

2. PCB Surface finishes – Implication on the SMT Process Yield


PCB Assembly & Design Guidelines

1. Design for Reliability

2. Design for Affordability

3. Printed Board Handling and Storage Guidelines IPC-1601

4. Optimizing the Board Assembly Process

5. PCBA Design Guidelines and DFM Requirements


PCBA Challenges, Best Practices & Trends

1. The Evolution of the PCBA Electronics Manufacturing Processes and the Future of Innovation

2. Package Trends for Mobile Device: On-package EMI Shield

3. Critical Success Factors for Electronic Manufacturing Services

4. Board Design for Electrical Performance and Manufacturability

5. Getting PCBs Really Clean

6. PCB Vs. PCBA: Process Challenges & Solutions

7. The Future of HDI Via Structures, Power Delivery, and Thermal Management in Next Generation Printed Circuits


PCB Quality Control

1. Thermal Analysis of a PCB Assembly

2. Root Cause Failure Analysis of Printed Circuit Board Assemblies

3. Topic Expert Failure Analysis, Method and Solutions