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You’re an OEM who’s probably been hearing a lot about the reshoring trend enveloping the U.S. manufacturing industry in recent years. You’ve read up on the challenges, financial and environmental benefits of making the shift to domestic production and, after carefully considering all your options, you’re ready to bring your manufacturing operations back to the U.S.

Now what?

There are many moving parts involved in reshoring a business, as you are essentially reinventing the supply chain – from sourcing raw materials to delivering the final product to the end user. One major piece, however, is identifying suitable contract manufacturing providers to supply you with components.

A dependable EMS provider or Contract Manufacturing provider should:

  • Serve as a partner
  • Provide value added services
  • Engage in a long term relationship

When developing a U.S. reshoring implementation plan, you should consult local EMS manufacturing providers from the start in order to align expectations, minimize the risk of downstream issues, accurately determine production schedules and identify potential supply chain risks.


To help with finding a suitable CM, we’ve put together a list of 40 questions that OEMs can use to evaluate and compare prospective partners: